Alex Sobrón (b. December 27, 2000) is a young French contemporary artist based in spain, who mainly Works with site-specific installations, illustration and photography

In his work, he criticizes in a metaphoric and mostly pessimistic way, the struggles and difficulties of the society in which he lives. In this same way, he presents his internal concerns and conflicts related to issues such as ego, toxicity or dependence, always through a very personal language of symbols, from which we highlight the eye of six lashes and three tears as his signature and seal of identity.

As for the processes, techniques and materials that he uses, the cleanness and precision of his stroke when creating illustrations and the ease with which he explores and combines materials in the installations he creates, being a self-taught artist, are the most striking features.

Alongside his artistic practice, he has a great presence in the fashion industry, where he has worked as a collaborator for different publications attending fashion weeks all around europe and has also collaborated hand to hand with various clothing and accessories firms to develop and market different collections.

The influences of fashion, combined with a contact with an immense number of cultures from all around the globe and many other factors, are a small part of what makes up the extravagant universe from where the artist perceives the world and materializes his ideas .

Today he lives and works in Madrid where he has a studio in the center of the city.


(OLAS RESIDENCY – 2018) Residencia con Mirat & Co.

(I HATE ORANGE – 2017) Espacio Verí

(IL SÈCOLO – 2016) MA arte contemporáneo

(AS ABOVE SO BELOW – 2016) Espacio verí